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Continuous Weave In-situ - Panels - Hazel and Willow - Chestnut Gate Hurdles

Wall mounted hurdle utilising split and round rods to give a banded appearance.   Sweet chestnut Gate Hurdle being used as a gate adjacent to insitu hurdle.

In-situ Hurdles
In-situ hurdles are very versatile and we can design the installation to suit your garden. They can be woven on top of walls or directly into the ground following curves or around right angled corners, with straight, sloping or undulating top. The hazel can be woven in the round or traditionally riven (split or cleft), or a combination of the two, resulting in patterns as shown above. We use cleft sweet chestnut uprights which are naturally rot resistant giving the installation durability. There is no need for posts as the sweet chestnut is driven firmly into the ground before being woven around with the hazel, giving the hurdle strength.

 Hazel decorative woven trellis made in panels         A mature wall mounted in-situ hazel hurdle.         Detail showing the top of an in-situ hazel hurdle.         Built into the ground set back from the top of a wall to give privacy to the lower private garden area.

Uses......In-situ hurdles can be used in many ways. The following are just some ideas....

  • Fences

  • Raised Beds - with or without oak surround

  • Border Edging - around vegetable plots and borders to support plants or keep animals and children off!

  • Decorative Trellis - for flowering climbers

  • Screens - to hide oil tanks and compost bins

  • Wind Breaks - ideal in exposed gardens

  • Blocking up gaps in Hedges - ideal while newly planted up sections mature






In-situ hurdle prices a rough guide*see below
(revised 2016)

9 inch high              17 / m
1ft high                    20 / m
2ft high                    30 / m
3ft high                    40 / m
4ft high                    50 / m
5ft high                    63/ m
6ft high                    75 / m

  • Plus mileage @ 1 per mile one way.

  • A minimum project fee may be applied depending on job size & location.

  • Site visits - if a site visit is essential then this may well incur a charge

* The above prices are only a guide to enable you to estimate the approximate cost of your ideas.
They are generally only applicable for installations into firm, rubble free soil, with easy access and local to us. Installations on walls, requiring any framework, difficult site conditions will cost more

Always contact us to discuss your ideas and to obtain an accurate quote

   Wall mounted willow hurdle using steel bar uprights to give durability. Also showing an oak arch and gate with willow infill panel.         The same willow installation showing the undulating top.         Oak framed willow hurdle and gate. The oak frame gives considerable support and long life expectancy to the hurdle.         This willow hurdle, with curving footprint and top, uses living willow uprights which are formed into arches. The living uprights will 'grow' in strength giving support to the willow hurdle.

A series of in-situ willow hurdles showing a distinct, natural & attractive appearance

Gate Hurdles
Gate hurdles are made from sweet chestnut or ash. These traditional hurdles make for an attractive fence, gate or trellis over which your plants can clamber. They are also very useful as temporary or permanent barriers for keeping kids, pets or chickens off the borders. They are strong, durable, elegant and moveable. Their open structure can be an advantage as they will not block out the light - or the view!
Gate hurdles are not actually meant to be used as hung gates. We make extra strong ones (heavy duty) for this purpose.

Heavy duty gate hurdle being used as a gate.          Sweet chestnut gate hurdles, showing a 6ft and a 4ft wide hurdle.

Gate hurdle prices (2015)

Mini 18 by 3ft wide 3 bar               25
3ft by 6ft wide         4 bar               50
3ft by 6ft wide         5 bar               60
4ft by 6ft wide         5 bar               65
Additional bars                                 + 10



Heavy duty gate hurdles prices (2015)

These are intended to be hung as a gate and therefore are of an even more robust nature with squared heads (posts) designed to receive your hinge fixings (not included).

3ft by 3ft wide  , 5 bar               125
3ft by 4ft wide  , 5 bar               150
3ft by 5ft wide  , 5 bar               175
Additional bars                         + 20

page last updated: 18 May 2016

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