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Firewood & Kindling

Loose Logs - Netted Logs - Netted Dried Shavings - Netted Hazel Kindling

Loose Logs - delivered only

120 full load (1.5 cu.m.)
70 half load (0.75 cu.m.)

(Prices correct as of 1st February 2016)

Please see below for FAQS

Delivery Terms

  • These prices include free delivery within a 3 mile radius of our Yard - WR14 1UU

  • Delivery between 3 miles and 6 miles will be an additional 10.

  • Delivery between 6 miles and 10 miles will be an additional 20

  • All deliveries are made using a large landrover pickup and will be dropped wherever the back of the pickup can get to.

Netted Logs  4 per bag *
Approx 10 air dried and split logs, approx 10 inches long
* Delivered free with any firewood delivery or collect from 90 Belmont Rd, Malvern WR14 1PB

Netted Shavings  2 per bag *
Brilliant for getting that fire going off with a roar!
* Delivered free with any firewood delivery or collect from 90 Belmont Rd, Malvern WR14 1PB

Netted Hazel Kindling  4 per bag *
Short lengths of split and round dried hazel sticks for getting your fire going
* Delivered free with any firewood delivery or collect from 90 Belmont Rd, Malvern WR14 1PB

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS

How can I place an order?
By phone: call Dave on 01684 575516 or 07814 487578
By email: info@wildwoodcrafts.com

Where do our logs come from?
All of our logs are sustainably sourced from local Worcestershire and Herefordshire woodlands in which we are undertaking coppice restoration work.

What type of wood are our logs?
Our logs are all hardwood native woodland species such as Ash, Oak, Birch, Hazel, Wych Elm, Hawthorn, Cherry & Willow. We never use softwood / coniferous species. All our logs are suitable for open fires as well as log burners.

How seasoned are they?
Our logs are always air dried for at least one year and stored under cover. They are sold ready to burn if you order during the winter period. If you order in the Summer they will need to be suitably stacked and stored to ensure they are ready to keep you warm during the winter months. Oak will always benefit from being dried for longer than other species and therefore we suggest you stack it at the bottom of your store so that you use it last.

What size are our logs?
We cut our logs to a standard 10" (25cm +/- 10%) and they are split to include a range of suitable sizes.

Can we supply special sizes?
The majority of our logs are cut to the standard 10" log, but we can sometimes supply extra long or short logs. There will be a 10% surcharge for large logs and 20% for extra short logs.

When do we deliver?
We usually try to deliver during the working week. When you place an order we will book you in for a convenient delivery slot.

How can I pay?

  • Cash
  • By cheque - make payable to 'Dave Jackson'

  • BACS or On-Line Bank Transfer - Account number: 15265212; Sort code: 08-92-86; Account name: Mr D W Jackson; Bank: Smile.
    Please let us know if you are paying by BACS.

page last updated: 27 April 2016

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